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Experiment #15

Ideas for new Experiments:

1. Expository Writing on short stories based on what you are passionate about and why, what you did to help someone, and what steps you took that were fun in your lifetime.

2. Descriptive Writing on different forms such as a ballad, elegy, a dramatic monologue, or a horatian ode, idyll, and a sestina

3. Persuasive Writing on different forms such as advertising a product or a speech.

Experiment #14

Ending to the Great Sky War:

As the war between the Eagles of the White Sky and the Dragons of the Red Volcanoes finally came to an end both sides went to the negotiation table. As both leaders at the negotiation table started the terms the King of the Eagles went forward and said "In order to prevent the suffering of our two sides we must agree to divide this land. Now Dragons we will give you 50% of the Green Woods  beyond your territory if you agree to giving us the other 50%". "That is OK but we need a barrier to divide the land so that we will not come into conflict ever again." said the King of the Dragons. "It is settled then which means that this unoccupied land will have the resources to build both of our kingdoms without the needless bloodshed that occurred before but we can still trade on a minor level" said the King of the Eagles. "I will agree so now that both of our kingdoms have settled this we will now shake our claws" said the K…

Experiment #12

Dear Mr. Bradford,
I'm currently seeking representation from my New Adult Novel, Techno Wizard: The Ups and Downs of a Technology Superhero. Given your interest in science fiction, I thought it might be a good fit for your list.

When John Packing was 20 he was sent to Iraq during the Iraq war of 2003 as a soldier. During one of his combat operations he was electrocuted by electric wire dipped in plasma. Instead of dying though he has been given the superpower of controlling electric appliances with his hands and mind.

It's the year 2003 and he was sent back home as an injured vet with the military not knowing that his powers came once he got home. At first John was suspicious when he turned on the television and without touching the remote the channel changed depending on what his mind thought of at the time. Once he recognized this power he immediately went to the Doctor for assistance. Once the Doctor figured out his powers he said it was best for him to control these powers…


Outline for A Temple or a Perspective?

Act One Question:Will Danny Henderson find happiness if he travels to a spiritual place called the Temple of Divine Wisdom? The action that influences him is that he was fired from his job, his girlfriend divorced him and his friend moved to another country. This makes him desperate and wants relief so he is told that this place would bring him closure and happiness.

Act Two: He then walks through a forest called the forest of emotions where he is supposed to meet several animals who would ask him a series of questions. Along his journey he comes across some characters like a talking swan named Serenity who questions him on what makes him happy. Another animal that he comes across is a talking bear named Force who challenges him to a wrestling contest to see who is the strongest. Further along his journey he comes across a talking Bull named Maximus who asks Danny sexual preferences and what he expects in a relationship. A talking spider named Ca…


A Day Without Gravity: Oral Story

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not have gravity for a day? I am Nicholas Mocalis and this is Surreal News. Good Evening my name is Nicholas Mocalis an here are the top stories from yesterday. There were these two scientists named Bill Donald and Joe Barnes who were working on a lazer on how to create floating cars in order to reduce car crashes. "This is going to revolutionize how we move around" said Bill. "I cannot think of anything going wrong here" says Joe. After Joe said that the lazer that would have made cars float malfunctioned and exploded. This caused the lazer to create a large beam of radiation causing the whole world to lose its gravity. "What a predicament but I do not see any problems that are going to happen right now" said Bill with a confident smile. In other news a decrease in gravity caused sports fans to lose interest in some sports like football because tackling became less impact b…

Experiment #9

Max the mouse said "Come on Randy before the cat comes" when searching for some food from the fridge. A rat then appeared dressed in rags ran towards the mouse and shouted "I'm Coming!" The cat then noticed the rat going to the fridge, ran towards the rat and picked up Randy. Max then picked up a needle by the kitchen counter and threw it at the cat's eye. "Go to hell you murderous fiend" Max said as the cat wallowed in pain. After the cat ran away, the mice and rat gathered whatever food they can. Randy then thanked Max for saving him as they dined on cheese, wine and grapes. "What do you plan to do if the cat comes back?" asks Randy after taking a bite from the cheddar cheese. "Maybe kill him" says Max while drunk from wine. "But why?" responded Randy. "Because he will kill us and our relatives just for taking care of ourselves." Max answered firmly. "Can we convince him to go away?" asked Randy …

Experiment #8

Medieval Time Travel 1400's: A Life's Journey

This video game would take you back in time to the medieval period of the 1400's where you can change the future after the game ends as an open world medieval time travel game. You can explore this medieval period, share your perspectives to the locals, learn the language, study the culture, learn how to function in society and you can gain influence through either your loyalty to the society or a revolutionary who can challenge the status quo. The trope that reflects that happening is the Stable Time Loop trope. Also that character cannot return which is the Trapped in the Past trope. If you make bad decisions in the game that affect the history it can create a Karmic Twist Ending where the ending turns out bad. Another result that happens when playing is creating Alternate Timeline trope which can help change history for better or for the worse. When in the medieval period expect the Christianity is Catholic trope where most …