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Experiment #7 Romance or not Space Edition

Nicholas Mocalis
Professor Bradford

                                                                    Experiment #7
(Jenny Prime, a female astronaut enters the center of the spaceship)

Jenny: Oh!

(She spots a male stowaway with black hair and a modest body build)

Jenny: (V.O) He seems attractive but I do no know who he is and why he is on the spaceship?

(The stranger then notices Jenny and starts to walk up to her)

Jenny: (V.O) I do not know who he is and he is coming up close to me. Should I say hello? Should I say I love him? I do not know?

The Stranger: Can you help me find a bathroom because I need a shower.

(Assuming that the stranger needs help Jenny shudders nervously)

Jenny: Do you need help in there? I also want to know your name.

The Stranger: Not until I am done showering and I do not need help really.

(Jenny steps back and waits nervously for him to get out of the shower. Once he step out he was fully clothed in a space suit)

The Stranger: By the way th…

Narrative #1

Nicholas Mocalis ENGL M10A 1-20-18 Professor Bradford                                                                   Narrative #1                 When I went to College I saw the political debate club where there were multiple different candidates debating on different ideas and topics that included discussions about life experiences and political opinions. The debate rules will be that members would have an opening statement, responses, and a closing statement. After the person speaks then the audience can respond to be respectful. I decided to join seeing that I had a grasp on certain political topics and I have always wanted to discuss the issues that affect everybody’s lives. As the topic was put on the front of the college school board I was immediately conflicted about it. The reason why was because the person I was debating was a Trump supporter named Frank Jones who is a white 20 year old man who wears farming overalls, a white shirt, jeans and a make America great again h…

Love Poetry

Love is is taking on someone on a flight
which is both by day and through the night
Being with another person through history
determining whether or not these feelings are a mystery
Developing something that is made through to understand
what both people are thinking and feeling across this land
A chance for marriage and happiness to spark
which can cause both people's minds to go to work
Producing a love which can surpass anger and fear
towards something that is rewarding and dear
Something that is meaningful to what it means
to be lost in each others dreams
If love succeeds it lifts your heart
but if it fails it can tear both apart
Oh how love on what both people can mend
where both can succeed or fail which is rise and descend

Experiment #6

Oh what abuse of power
comes from the mighty tower

I'm not mentioning
third world power
which is not a flower
I mean American economic power
where our lives or leisure
are a never ending seizure
where the higher classes
take more from the lower masses
An abuse of power is going on

See adults get depressed from work
as anger builds into a knee jerk
Where our enjoyment from our lives
is nothing but than mass producing bee hives
We transport ourselves to a workplace of fear
that would make everyone shed a tear
Do not say that life is easy because
we are forced to work
To serve a boss who does not care
but his own profits and his titles

I watch those people at the top
who obsess over their stock options
They have no idea what it is like
to produce a product that requires training
and work
Having to work two jobs
to just put food on the table
They claim envy for those who want a voice
but to me that is just a bunch of arrogant noise
To not understand the struggles of the many
they shut…

Experiment #5

Setting: Medieval France
James Lee woke up and realized that he is in the thick of the fight at the battle of Agincourt where he is up close giving him no choice but to fight French knights. The brutality of the battle was difficult to stomach but continued to figure a way out of the battle so he picked up a knife and started killing the French soldiers out of desperation to survive but managed to get passed them without difficulty. Once he escaped the battle he understood how lopsided the battle was and saw that the English have everything under control. Before he could escape he was knocked out by French knights retreating from the battlefield. As he woke up he found out that his Levi Strauss jeans, T shirt, sneakers, and socks were gone and taken by the French. He realized that he had to get his clothes back and figure out what was going on, why is he here and what is his purpose?

Experiment #4

A day where I stepped out of the bar
I decided to drive my car
I tell you that the drive back to my house
was not as quiet as a mouse
The cars and lights were bright and loud
that my ears were bleeding and my eyes were out
I wished that I could fly
so that I could touch the sky
Not putting my car into drive
so I could go through the streets like a bee in a beehive
The twists and turns made me dizzy
thankfully it only made me partially sleepy
Once I went home I collapsed on my couch
and reached for a stick of gum in my pouch
I am still regretful that I still remember
that fateful night I went to the bar in December