Experiment #9

Max the mouse said "Come on Randy before the cat comes" when searching for some food from the fridge. A rat then appeared dressed in rags ran towards the mouse and shouted "I'm Coming!" The cat then noticed the rat going to the fridge, ran towards the rat and picked up Randy. Max then picked up a needle by the kitchen counter and threw it at the cat's eye. "Go to hell you murderous fiend" Max said as the cat wallowed in pain. After the cat ran away, the mice and rat gathered whatever food they can. Randy then thanked Max for saving him as they dined on cheese, wine and grapes. "What do you plan to do if the cat comes back?" asks Randy after taking a bite from the cheddar cheese. "Maybe kill him" says Max while drunk from wine. "But why?" responded Randy. "Because he will kill us and our relatives just for taking care of ourselves." Max answered firmly. "Can we convince him to go away?" asked Randy probing for a peaceful solution. "It is not worth it so go to sleep." Max said drunk and tired. At night Randy went to the cats location as his family stitched up his eye. "I don't know why I was attacked." says the cat sobbing over his wounded eye. "I just wanted to help them get some food" he continued as his tears dried up. Randy then immediately went to the fridge to push the milk carton to the cats home with a note reading "I know what it is like to not be listened to. From, Randy the rat".


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