Experiment #7 Romance or not Space Edition

Nicholas Mocalis
Professor Bradford

                                                                    Experiment #7
(Jenny Prime, a female astronaut enters the center of the spaceship)

Jenny: Oh!

(She spots a male stowaway with black hair and a modest body build)

Jenny: (V.O) He seems attractive but I do no know who he is and why he is on the spaceship?

(The stranger then notices Jenny and starts to walk up to her)

Jenny: (V.O) I do not know who he is and he is coming up close to me. Should I say hello? Should I say I love him? I do not know?

The Stranger: Can you help me find a bathroom because I need a shower.

(Assuming that the stranger needs help Jenny shudders nervously)

Jenny: Do you need help in there? I also want to know your name.

The Stranger: Not until I am done showering and I do not need help really.

(Jenny steps back and waits nervously for him to get out of the shower. Once he step out he was fully clothed in a space suit)

The Stranger: By the way thank you for showing me the shower because I was stuck there for 3 days.

Jenny: What is your name?

The Stranger: My name is Mark Pauler and who are you?

(Jenny responds with her heart pounding)

Jenny: I am Jenny Prime and I am attracted to you.

Mark: That is a nice name and you are a fine woman but I already have a wife.

Jenny: What?!


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