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Experiment #6

Oh what abuse of power
comes from the mighty tower

I'm not mentioning
third world power
which is not a flower
I mean American economic power
where our lives or leisure
are a never ending seizure
where the higher classes
take more from the lower masses
An abuse of power is going on

See adults get depressed from work
as anger builds into a knee jerk
Where our enjoyment from our lives
is nothing but than mass producing bee hives
We transport ourselves to a workplace of fear
that would make everyone shed a tear
Do not say that life is easy because
we are forced to work
To serve a boss who does not care
but his own profits and his titles

I watch those people at the top
who obsess over their stock options
They have no idea what it is like
to produce a product that requires training
and work
Having to work two jobs
to just put food on the table
They claim envy for those who want a voice
but to me that is just a bunch of arrogant noise
To not understand the struggles of the many
they shut…

Experiment #5

Setting: Medieval France
James Lee woke up and realized that he is in the thick of the fight at the battle of Agincourt where he is up close giving him no choice but to fight French knights. The brutality of the battle was difficult to stomach but continued to figure a way out of the battle so he picked up a knife and started killing the French soldiers out of desperation to survive but managed to get passed them without difficulty. Once he escaped the battle he understood how lopsided the battle was and saw that the English have everything under control. Before he could escape he was knocked out by French knights retreating from the battlefield. As he woke up he found out that his Levi Strauss jeans, T shirt, sneakers, and socks were gone and taken by the French. He realized that he had to get his clothes back and figure out what was going on, why is he here and what is his purpose?

Experiment #4

A day where I stepped out of the bar
I decided to drive my car
I tell you that the drive back to my house
was not as quiet as a mouse
The cars and lights were bright and loud
that my ears were bleeding and my eyes were out
I wished that I could fly
so that I could touch the sky
Not putting my car into drive
so I could go through the streets like a bee in a beehive
The twists and turns made me dizzy
thankfully it only made me partially sleepy
Once I went home I collapsed on my couch
and reached for a stick of gum in my pouch
I am still regretful that I still remember
that fateful night I went to the bar in December

Experiment #3

This medieval castle has been built from the foundations of its mountainous structure to act as a naval castle in order to protect trade traveling from the Mediterranean Sea. It is primarily a Spanish castle meant to protect Spanish shipping from being plundered by any enemy whether it be the French, Italians or the Moors. The name of the castle is Water World Castle or in Spanish:
"Castillo del Mundo de Agua"

Experiment #2

Title: Frank Jones Adventure in Space

Characters: Frank Jones, Alien Slug 1 and Alien Slug 2

Setting: Earth and the Moon

Narrator: Frank Jones is a college student who has to do an assignment focusing on how eyesight affects his visibility to see things. Little does he know about a nearby spaceship that is on auto pilot which is set on a course for the moon on a bridge.)

(Frank Jones is standing in the middle of a park waiting for the night to start just before the sun falls to start night time)

Frank Jones: Now I see.

(Sun sets and the night immediately starts)

Frank Jones: Now I cannot see.

(As he walks around the park he spots a bridge and thinks of a perfect joke to make fun of the assignment.)

Frank Jones: I can walk

(He then falls onto the bridge)

Frank Jones: Now I cannot walk

(He now spots a house shaped object in the distance.)

Frank Jones: I can relax in this house.

Frank Jones: This is not a house it is a spaceship.

(Suddenly the spaceship activated its auto pilot and took off for the mo…

Experiment #1

At a health food store a nurse is picking up some items to give to the customer. One of the customers grew impatient and a fight broke out. During the fight a mind reader showed up who read the fighters minds in order to figure out what they were angry about. Not only were both of the fighters angry about an over patient line but about personal issues. For example the fighter who started the fight was mad that he was going to miss his anniversary because of the fight and the other fighter was mad that he was going to miss his old fathers funeral. The mind reader then broke the fight and helped both of them calm down as both men decided to skip shopping at the health store for today and take care of their personal issues instead. The mind reader was the nurse who sighed a great deal of relief and went back to work.

Experiment #1

Hello I am Nicholas Mocalis and today I am posting a link about Experiment #1 from Magic the Gathering.
Experiment #1

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