Experiment #5

Setting: Medieval France
James Lee woke up and realized that he is in the thick of the fight at the battle of Agincourt where he is up close giving him no choice but to fight French knights. The brutality of the battle was difficult to stomach but continued to figure a way out of the battle so he picked up a knife and started killing the French soldiers out of desperation to survive but managed to get passed them without difficulty. Once he escaped the battle he understood how lopsided the battle was and saw that the English have everything under control. Before he could escape he was knocked out by French knights retreating from the battlefield. As he woke up he found out that his Levi Strauss jeans, T shirt, sneakers, and socks were gone and taken by the French. He realized that he had to get his clothes back and figure out what was going on, why is he here and what is his purpose?


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