Outline for A Temple or a Perspective?

Act One Question:Will Danny Henderson find happiness if he travels to a spiritual place called the Temple of Divine Wisdom? The action that influences him is that he was fired from his job, his girlfriend divorced him and his friend moved to another country. This makes him desperate and wants relief so he is told that this place would bring him closure and happiness.

Act Two: He then walks through a forest called the forest of emotions where he is supposed to meet several animals who would ask him a series of questions. Along his journey he comes across some characters like a talking swan named Serenity who questions him on what makes him happy. Another animal that he comes across is a talking bear named Force who challenges him to a wrestling contest to see who is the strongest. Further along his journey he comes across a talking Bull named Maximus who asks Danny sexual preferences and what he expects in a relationship. A talking spider named Cato then asks him about what his interests are when it comes to intellectual discovery. Before he manages to go into the Temple of Divine Wisdom he is stopped by a talking Dog named Astro Defender of the Wise who asks him on what he is loyal to and what he believes in.

Act Three Question answered: He goes into the Temple and finds that nothing is there and asks the Dog on what to do. The Dog explains that the Temple is just a gimmick and that you have to think on your own. After pondering for a few minutes Danny Henderson comes to an understanding that being himself is what all that matters and that is what makes you happy. As a reward he is given some free goggles, air tank, and swimsuit as he went to a nearby beach to meet with a talking Dolphin named Terianthropy where he rode on his back to discuss on what they love and what transforms them on the inside.


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