Experiment #2

 Title: Frank Jones Adventure in Space

Characters: Frank Jones, Alien Slug 1 and Alien Slug 2

Setting: Earth and the Moon

Narrator: Frank Jones is a college student who has to do an assignment focusing on how eyesight affects his visibility to see things. Little does he know about a nearby spaceship that is on auto pilot which is set on a course for the moon on a bridge.)

(Frank Jones is standing in the middle of a park waiting for the night to start just before the sun falls to start night time)

Frank Jones: Now I see.

(Sun sets and the night immediately starts)

Frank Jones: Now I cannot see.

(As he walks around the park he spots a bridge and thinks of a perfect joke to make fun of the assignment.)

Frank Jones: I can walk

(He then falls onto the bridge)

Frank Jones: Now I cannot walk

(He now spots a house shaped object in the distance.)

Frank Jones: I can relax in this house.

Frank Jones: This is not a house it is a spaceship.

(Suddenly the spaceship activated its auto pilot and took off for the moon.)

Frank Jones: What is happening?!

(3 months have passed and being able to survive with the food and drinks left in the spaceship Frank Jones lands on the moon with a peculiar TV shaped object where Frank Jones investigates in his space suit.)

Frank Jones: Is this a TV? No it is a radio signalling.

(Suddenly 2 slugs appear about 100 yards away.)

Frank Jones: Ahh alien slugs!

(Suddenly the alien slugs start talking by completing each others sentences.)

Alien Slug 1: Hello,

Alien Slug 2 : how are you?

(Astonished at first that the slugs can speak English but concerned for his safety Frank Jones responded.)

Frank Jones: Your not going to eat me?

Alien Slug 1: No, why do you

Alien Slug 2: ask that?

Frank Jones: Because you look scary and you completing your sentences is weird.

Alien Slug 1: That is mean

Alien Slug 2: and you know it.

(Recognizing the alien slugs feelings and curious about the aliens machinery Frank Jones asked nervously.)

Frank Jones: Sorry is this radio yours?

(Recognizing Frank's sincerity the alien slugs decided to let Frank have their radio.)

Alien Slug 1:  Yes but you

Alien Slug 2: can have it.

Frank Jones: Thank you.

(Frank Jones quickly grabs the radio and rushes into the spaceship to return home.)

Alien Slug 1: Nice talking

Alien Slug 2: with you.

Frank Jones: Goodbye.

Alien Slug 1: What an

Alien Slug 2: odd creature.

(After 3 months on the return trip Frank Jones is relieved but also feeling awkward about the whole experience.)

Frank Jones: What an odd adventure but at least I can enjoy my new radio.

(The radio is activated with episodes of Futurama in radio form that only talk about slime, snail and slug documentaries about slime, slime commercials etc.)

Frank Jones: Only slug stations?!

Narrator: Moral of the story is that sometimes events in life are not what you think they are.


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