Experiment #6

Oh what abuse of power
comes from the mighty tower

I'm not mentioning
third world power
which is not a flower
I mean American economic power
where our lives or leisure
are a never ending seizure
where the higher classes
take more from the lower masses
An abuse of power is going on

See adults get depressed from work
as anger builds into a knee jerk
Where our enjoyment from our lives
is nothing but than mass producing bee hives
We transport ourselves to a workplace of fear
that would make everyone shed a tear
Do not say that life is easy because
we are forced to work
To serve a boss who does not care
but his own profits and his titles

I watch those people at the top
who obsess over their stock options
They have no idea what it is like
to produce a product that requires training
and work
Having to work two jobs
to just put food on the table
They claim envy for those who want a voice
but to me that is just a bunch of arrogant noise
To not understand the struggles of the many
they shut out those who really deserve the money

And what do our leaders say
nothing other than the lobbyist who gives them pay
What does this say about our Democracy
when our economy is such an unequal travesty
It hurts to see what we have become filled with greed
that we avoid what we truly need
An economy that serves for all people
and treats them right
Where we lift people out of poverty
and spend with our empathetic might.
A society for giving and living
not wasting and killing

If only only we could control our living
from the society that keeps on taking


  1. Hey! Nice work! This might be my favorite thing you've created so far. :)


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