A Day Without Gravity: Oral Story

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not have gravity for a day? I am Nicholas Mocalis and this is Surreal News. Good Evening my name is Nicholas Mocalis an here are the top stories from yesterday. There were these two scientists named Bill Donald and Joe Barnes who were working on a lazer on how to create floating cars in order to reduce car crashes. "This is going to revolutionize how we move around" said Bill. "I cannot think of anything going wrong here" says Joe. After Joe said that the lazer that would have made cars float malfunctioned and exploded. This caused the lazer to create a large beam of radiation causing the whole world to lose its gravity. "What a predicament but I do not see any problems that are going to happen right now" said Bill with a confident smile. In other news a decrease in gravity caused sports fans to lose interest in some sports like football because tackling became less impact but decreased injuries. However NASCAR finally got the ratings that it needed with cars performing tricks in the air while racing around the track. For weather the lack of gravity caused a dramatic decrease in temperature which meant that the African continent and many parts of Asia cooled but not by much. Most workplaces and schools were closed due to the lack of gravity because the lack of gravity would be distracting when performing their jobs  However when it came to violent crime it decreased because killing was less effective due to bullets slowing down in mid flight so criminals, terrorists, and gangs all over the world lost interest altogether for at least a day giving the earth one day of world peace. Yesterday evening the scientists managed to fix the machine and the earth was back to normal. Then the Mayor came to the scientists house. "Can we help you?" stammered Bill nervously. "Your country owes you a great debt" said the Mayor as he got down on his knees. Today the Mayor offered the Nobel Peace Prize to the two scientists. "See I told you there was nothing to worry about" Bill said proudly while he and Joe received the Nobel Peace Prize the next day not realizing what had happened yesterday. "Now can you boys do that again" said the Mayor. What a funny joke by the Mayor but it was fun while it lasted. I am Nicholas Mocalis and good night.


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