Experiment #14

Ending to the Great Sky War:

As the war between the Eagles of the White Sky and the Dragons of the Red Volcanoes finally came to an end both sides went to the negotiation table. As both leaders at the negotiation table started the terms the King of the Eagles went forward and said "In order to prevent the suffering of our two sides we must agree to divide this land. Now Dragons we will give you 50% of the Green Woods  beyond your territory if you agree to giving us the other 50%". "That is OK but we need a barrier to divide the land so that we will not come into conflict ever again." said the King of the Dragons. "It is settled then which means that this unoccupied land will have the resources to build both of our kingdoms without the needless bloodshed that occurred before but we can still trade on a minor level" said the King of the Eagles. "I will agree so now that both of our kingdoms have settled this we will now shake our claws" said the King of the Dragons. With the agreement signed both Kings began to establish a long period of peace for both kingdoms with minor trade between both kingdoms with resources such as fish for the Eagles and Charcoal for the Dragons.


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