Experiment #8

Medieval Time Travel 1400's: A Life's Journey

This video game would take you back in time to the medieval period of the 1400's where you can change the future after the game ends as an open world medieval time travel game. You can explore this medieval period, share your perspectives to the locals, learn the language, study the culture, learn how to function in society and you can gain influence through either your loyalty to the society or a revolutionary who can challenge the status quo. The trope that reflects that happening is the Stable Time Loop trope. Also that character cannot return which is the Trapped in the Past trope. If you make bad decisions in the game that affect the history it can create a Karmic Twist Ending where the ending turns out bad. Another result that happens when playing is creating Alternate Timeline trope which can help change history for better or for the worse. When in the medieval period expect the Christianity is Catholic trope where most of the beliefs in European Christianity are Catholic. What you can also expect is the Pimped out Dress trope with the nobility wearing colorful clothing with fancy silk, fur and velvet. Knights in Shining Armor can also be another trope to encounter but it would be a bit rare then expected. Getting this game would highlight your knowledge of the medieval period and figure out what differences each kingdom has as you can travel from all across Europe. So enjoy the view of the medieval castles, churches, towns and villages and immerse yourself in the history. 


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